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Telemotion Harmony Healing Arts, and Optimo Fitness are Partnering to Bring You more Telemotion workouts!

What is Telemotion?

Telemotion is an initiative that was started to encourage people to engage in low-impact exercise when they are otherwise not doing anything. Telemotion is a great fit for waiting rooms, break rooms, airports, schools, corporate campuses, parks, libraries, hospitals, and nursing homes. Visit the Youtube Channel.

What are the benefits to you, your customers, and your staff?

  • Productive content content
  • Aiding in the reduction of global obesity
  • Knowing what will be viewed in your waiting rooms, breakrooms, and common areas
  • Encouraging customers/patients and staff members to create healthy habits
  • Improved alertness, energy, mood, and blood flow
  • Increased interest and awareness of the benefits of exercise
  • An appreciation for low-impact workouts
  • More effective and efficient performance

What are the options?

Chose from three tiers of service:

Let’s Get Moving
(No charge – $350)

Subscribe to Telemotion’s Youtube channel and put the Telemotion Youtube channel ( on your screens on a loop.

Telemotion for your office.

Ready to customize

Get a frame for your screens to match your branding and message and choose the videos you want to loop.

Customized Telemotion videos for your office

Next Level
(Request a quote)

Create your own Telemotion experience including your own videos and messages.

Work With Teresa Nichols

Teresa, Certified Personal Training, Group fitness instructor, and creator of Telemotion low-impact workouts, will work with you to create your Telemotion experience from beginning to launch and upgrades.

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